photos by Andrea Paradowski, LibbyFalck, and others.



the smd band is:

Dan Kennedy plays bass, and he sings quite a bit on nearly every song. He played a ton on the new album -- some bass, some guitar, lots of singing -- and, oh yeah, he co-produced it, too, which has much to do with why it sounds so good!

When he's not playing in the, he has his own very cool project with Amy Curl; he also plays in The Getaway Drivers and the Mark Croft Band

Michael Brenneis is a drummer -- probably the best one I know -- and when I'm really lucky he plays in my band. He has played with me for about seven years, including my last two albums, and I honestly don't know how I would stay in time without him. Michael's *other* projects are wide ranging, highly tuneful, and never boring; more details at

And of course... Sean Michael Dargan.